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Glenna started Glenna Jean after she had her second child from what she discovered to be a deficiency of basic nursery knowledge and design.  “Bedding was all about function; back then bumpers were made from plastic for easy clean up and coordinating accessories and decor were almost unheard of.”  So with a desire for something special for her little girl, Glenna hand crafted a fanciful nursery from printed sheets purchased at local department stores.  Soon the word spread quickly of this unique nursery. Glenna begn recieving requests from friends, family, and neighbors for help with their nurseries. In the spring of 1977 Glenna Jean was born.  

Glenna quickly out grew the small workspace in her house, then moved her young business to a nearby apartment and started what is today the oldest privately owned juvenile or baby bedding company in the U.S. and one of the most respected and sought after brands in the infant industry.

A true family business, Glenna has been joined by her two grown children, Whitney and Stuart, who aid in product development, improvement and design.  Glenna’s granddaughter, Ella, has also gotten involved.  She is featured throughout the 2007 and 2008 catalog and numerous print advertisements.

Thank you for considering Glenna Jean products for your baby’s nursery.   Know that when you purchase a Glenna Jean bedding set, you are purchasing a lovingly handcrafted product with a rich history, still proudly made in America, in the heart of historic Petersburg Virginia, in much same spirit they were nearly 30 years ago in Glenna’s home.

Glenna Jean Baby Crib Bedding will certainly satisfy your little ones need for comfort.  Glenna Jean offers a wide variety of themes to choose from between her wide variety of lines to choose from Including the Isabella Baby Crib Bedding Set for those precious little ones, Glenna Jean toddler for your little ones that have grown out of their crib, and Glenna Jean kids for your older children.

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