Typical Daily Baby Necessities

Ask any parent of any age to name one or two typical daily baby necessities and you will get so many answers that your head will be reeling. Start with the diaper bag and you will find out that two or three different diaper bags are very necessary. One small tote usually takes care of a short trip to Aunt Pat’s house for the afternoon, a large bag covers a day or overnight trip and one of the insulated bottle bags handles a jaunt to the store. Diapers, a bottle, juice, burp cloths and bibs are constant needs.

If the trip will be too long, an extra set of clothes is important. The weather might change, so carry along a sweater or jacket. A cloth book for baby to look at, a teething ring and a soft plush toy will provide entertainment while the grownups talk. Even a photo album finds its way to the list of baby necessities, because Mom is likely to run into an old friend or family member who wants to see pictures. And why not? Babies grow so quickly that each picture becomes a precious treasure. Enjoy the moments and share the joy.

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