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The need for baby bedding that is long lasting and long wearing is apparent. It's actually one of the major items bought for infants by their parents or other relatives. Among the best places to find the perfect bedding to chose are those that carry bedding designed by Glenna Jean. This crib bedding is made to be soft and comfortable to sleep in without causing any sore spots from bunched fabric. The choice of colors and patterns is diverse, making decorating your child's room an easy task. Several of these  designs are based on a natural look with jungle themes or flowers which give the baby some different visual patterns that will hold their interest and help the development of the eyes.

The majority of the patterns are designed with four pieces; fitted crib sheet, bumper, quilted blanket for warmth and a crib drop sheet that coordinates with the design. The Tanzania set for boys features creatures of the grasslands, large elephants, zebras and other animals. The care for washing this bedding is easy, with cold or warm water and non chlorine bleach if needed.

Your baby girl will enjoy the traditional soft pink color that is matched with rich creamy off white and deep chocolate color as an accent. The different colors make decorating very easy with the accessories offered or you can add special heirlooms of your own to make your daughter's room a great show place for your décor and for your precious child.

Like the other designs, this fabric and bedding is easy to clean and wears well, giving you years of comfort for your child. The colors also work well with other parts of the house so you can carry on a theme throughout the whole of your home.

All of the baby bedding is made to exacting measurements and high quality using a blend of soft cotton and polyester in the bumpers and cotton in the blankets and quilts to give a wonderful place for your son or daughter to curl up in with their favorite stuffed animal and nap or dream away the night time hours, safe and secure.