Diaper Bags as Fashion Accessories

Now and then an old rerun appears on TV to remind moms of the bulky, unstylish diaper bags of the past. How fortunate that we now have the most incredible colors, styles and fashion available. One diaper bag is never enough and the reason is primarily fashion. A pretty pink caddy with brown spots or microfiber brown bag with sling strap is so trendy! There is room to put wipes, diapers, a change of clothes, formula, toys, the iPad and a camera.

Do you like paisley patterns? Mom will be all the envy of her friends as she carries a storage caddy, a delightfully trendy name for one of the styles that serves as a diaper bag. Ultra suede blue or pink bags are adorable and extremely stylish. The messenger bag has a flip over portion that keeps things safely inside.

Blossoms, stripes, patterns and designs turn every tote, carry, and bag into a creative way to assure there is enough packed to take care of baby while on the go. Enjoy the fun of stylish diaper bags and bottle bags while matching your own outfit for the day.