Cloth or Disposable Diapers? A look at Pros and Cons of Both

Congratulations if you are expecting a baby! Being pregnant brings on so many changes with your own body, you will see if morph over the next 9 months and will marvel at the growing baby. Along with the changes physically comes just as many decisions to make about the new arrival, among those decisions you need to decide whether to use cloth or disposable diapers. This is a decision best made before the baby is born so you will prepare for their arrival. Either choice has pros and cons, good and bad. Often, it is a matter of personal preference. You will find those on both sides who will vehemently defend their decision to go cloth or disposable.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

Pros of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers, after the initial investment, will be less expensive over constantly purchasing disposable. Cloth diapers made today are a lot better than ones made in years past are. You can find cloth diapers that are all in one, meaning the outer covering and the tabs are all in one diaper, no need for separate plastic pants. The tabs are Velcro type or snaps, no need for sticky pins. They will last through many washings, if extra care is made (no fabric softener or dryer sheets). Most will also expand and grow with the baby, so purchasing about two dozen should get them through the diaper years.

Cons of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are an expensive investment in the beginning. Each diaper cost about as much as a pack of disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are messy. When the baby has a bowel movement, the contents have to be dealt with and normally this means cleaning the diaper in the toilet. There are disposable inserts that are available, and that’s another added expense. Diapers will need washing daily, unless you purchase enough that you can wash every other day. It requires more water and electricity to run the washer and or dryer if you choose to dry in the dryer. Traveling is more difficult having to carry back dirty diapers to be washed.

Pros of Disposable Diapers

The number one pro is the ease of changing a dirty baby. Just take the dirty diaper off, clean their little bottom, and wrap wipes in dirty diaper, fold, and throw away. It is a lot easier to travel. Daycare workers, nursery workers, etc. prefer disposable diapers to having to deal with cloth, while the baby is in the care of a sitter (because of work or other reasons for babysitting). Disposable diapers are available at most discount and grocery stores. They are convenient to use.

Cons of Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers over time can be very expensive. Prices on packs of disposable diapers are always going up. A baby will go through six to ten diapers a day, newborns may go through more. Some babies may have allergies to the materials in the disposable diapers. Disposable diapers fill up dumps, landfills, and take years to disintegrate. They are not environmentally friendly because of this.

Color and Charm with the Glenna Jean McKenzie Collection

You won’t be disappointed with the Baby Bedding Set from the McKenzie Collection. Vibrant colors, decorative shapes and magic create one of the most intensively amazing bedding and accessory collections available for baby. It is the Glenna Jean McKenzie Collection, displaying reds and greys next to white, black and green. Stripes, dots, circles and flowers accent the pillows and drapes designed as accessories. The McKenzie Mobile creates harmony with the overall look by including brown and white bears affixed to a red and white canopy.

Glenna Jean McKenzie

Glenna Jean McKenzie

The 4-piece baby girl bedding set consists of a dust ruffle, bumper, fitted sheet and comforter, while the 5-piece set offers a lovely green tweed pillow or a diaper stacker as the fifth item. Several pillows add to the McKenzie appeal, such as the black pillow with red flowers, the floral print pillow and the rectangular stripe pillow in black and white.

Several different designs make up the Glenna Jean Garden Wall Art. The Bunny is a great display with the McKenzie collection. At 20 x24 inches, the artwork provides a cheerful scene against bar walls in the room, often positioned so baby can see it while settling down for a nap. Place it high enough to avoid extra artistic embellishments when baby reaches the crayon stage.

Wall hangings add a cute touch to walls, especially when positioned so baby can see the adorable decorations without being able to grab them. Glenna Jean’s hanging bear has a smile on his face as he sits on one of three boxes that attach to the wall. The three-dimensional affect caused by the depth of each 6 x 6- inch square has colorful red flowers, background and a black stencil flower on a white background. Teddy can relax by leaning against one box while sitting on another. Attach the wooden shelves to the wall either apart or close together.

Finley Baby Crib Bedding Sets from Glenna Jean

The Glenna Jean Finley collection is another exemplary display of bedding and nursery furnishing for special babies and children. You will find Finley items in the most exclusive stores and nurseries. The appeal draws parents and others searching for the perfect gift for baby. The collection features in such prominent publications as Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, a well-deserved recognition for this popular style.
A beautifully coordinated nursery gives baby a warm, safe environment. It is comforting to know the infant or toddler can sit and look at a book or play on a soft Glenna Jean Finley rug designed to match other pieces in the Finley collection. Nursery furniture, including the perfect chair for mom or dad and even baby several years from now, is creative with a welcome appearance. Even small items are perfect.
People unfamiliar with Glenna Jean collections might wonder about what makes them special. Love and care go into every design and creation to ensure the comfort of baby and mom. Handcrafted items ensure a uniquely precious long-lasting gift. The pastel colors of blue and yellow blend with the prints of cream and mint colors, perfect for boys and girls.

Finley Baby Crib Bedding Set

"Finley" the Gender Neutral Collection by Glenna Jean

With the exception of bedding made with tufted edging and tassels, the bedding is machine washable, using a cool water and gentle cycle. That makes it easy to keep the sheets and blankets safe to be near baby and avoids concerns about what to do when bedding requires washing.
Thanks to the different pieces that fall into the bedding sets and nursery accessories, there is an opportunity to expand the collection and continue the peaceful ambience that lets the entire family enjoy baby’s area.

Glenna Jean is Made in the USAOther benefits of selecting Glenna Jean Finley bedding include a warranty that provides a no questions asked refund if defective workmanship appears within ninety days. The reputation establishes this seldom happens, but it is nice to know just in case. Friendly customer service representatives make shopping for and discussing the collection comfortable. Shop with confidence knowing that Glenna Jean bedding is made in the United States by skilled artisans that care.

Glenna Jean Isabella Collection for Now and Later


Joy and excitement are two of the best emotions surrounding expectant mothers. Gifts will be practical, whimsical, fun and special. Perhaps the most special types of gifts are the ones that are beautiful, creative, durable and long lasting, such as the Glenna Jean Isabella Collection. The bedding and coordinated décor grows with your baby girl, promising years of happiness and comfort.

The four-piece Glenna Jean Isabella crib set has special designs and colors. Pink, cream and green create a delightful girl’s set in the bumper, crib skirt, quilt and fitted sheet. The fabrics composing the quilt include star jacquard, velvet, toile and gingham. Stripes and rosebuds, delicately embroidered for detail, complete the pattern. Wide pink satin ribbons serve as the ties for the bumper. The pinched pleat skirt has a double layer in toile and gingham to hold it in place.

Glenna Jean Isabella

Isabella by Glenna Jean ~ Crib Bedding Collection

Moms will treasure the Glenna Jean Isabella Kids Twin Three-Piece Bedding Set or Full Four-Piece Set with a toile duvet cover and skirt. The twin set has one gingham sham and the full set has two. The same beautiful pattern as the crib set, the décor is suitable for the baby as she grows. The quality is such that many girls can use the items for their own daughters someday.

Glenna Jean Isabella Kids Collection

Isabella Kids Bedding by Glenna Jean

Decorative cord and tassels enhance some Glenna Jean Isabella coordinate décor safe from baby’s inquisitive reach. The pattern continues in a comfortable child’s chair and tuffet. Design the special girl’s room with cream drapery panels and pink stars, complemented by a sheer window panel featuring star cutouts. The diaper stacker and birdhouse lamp with rippled moiré shade provide a warm ambience. Complete the look with the wall border and attach the coordinated hanging three-heart set on the wall. The room will welcome mom, baby and visitors with joyous beauty.