Pregnancy Week Sixteen

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By now, you can probably see on an ultrasound if you are going to have a little girl or a little boy. Their features are well defined, and especially for a sensitive ultrasound, they are easy to see. The only issue you may have is their cooperation, to allow you a peek at their gender goods. Some babies are rather shy and will not allow a peep until you hear the doctor say, “It’s a boy” or girl. The baby this week weighs around 4 ounces and is around 4 inches long. Speak to your belly, because they can hear you now. They will grow accustomed to your voice from here out. If you could see them, they would be listening and giving you very tiny facial expressions. They can see too, light. Their lids are still fused shut though, but long before they are born, those will loosen and the lids will pop on open.

If you have suffered from morning sickness, chances are you have not put on much weight up to this point. If the morning sickness is gone, you need to prepare for the inevitable weight gain. Your belly will round out; you may see pounds add on your breasts and buttocks too. This is normal, your body is holding on to everything in order to help grow the baby. You do have some control and reassurance. This weight will be lost once you give birth. If you eat right, practice good nutrition now, you will only gain what you are supposed to gain. Weight gain is dependent on your pre-pregnancy size. Ask your physician what to expect in this area.

Your changing body will demand a wardrobe change. If you have put it off you will not be able to put it off any longer. Celebrate your new blooming body, maternity clothing in today’s styles are so much nicer than in years past. Gone are the big tent blouses with gigantic bows. Now the clothes are well fitted and stylish. You will feel pretty and more comfortable in actual maternity clothing than in regular larger clothes. Be kind to your feet. The term “barefoot and pregnant” rings true and you will know why. The feet swell and sweat. Put the tootsies up whenever you get a chance and let them breathe.

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