Pregnancy Week Eight

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This week the baby keeps on growing. At this point, they gain about a millimeter each day in their size. The heartbeat doubles to around 150 beats a minute. Their little face is very human looking; their arm and leg buds are growing out a bit more. The baby is moving all around, unbeknownst to you, waving their little arm and leg buds.

If you have not noticed a bloated belly, you may by now. You should start acquiring larger clothing, maternity clothing, or a size larger. Morning sickness may still have a hold on you, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Second trimester is just about a month away, so hang in there. Continue with the bland foods if you are nauseous. Second trimester brings about a reprieve from many of the pregnancy symptoms, so just hang on to that thought for now.

If you are experiencing constipation, try upping your fruit intake. Fruit provides both moisture, and fiber that helps to keep the digestive system moving right along. Generally, fruit is tolerated better than raw vegetables if you have morning sickness.

Some new pregnancy symptoms may appear this week. Gas is an unpleasant side effect and may lead to flatulence. Get used to it, it is a common and frequent occurrence with pregnant women. You may notice more of a vaginal discharge. This is perfectly normal. The cervix is constantly maintaining a plug that blocks the entrance into the womb. The plug will be lost later in pregnancy closer to time for birth. You may be dizzy and this is because of the increased blood volume in your body. Just be aware of it and rise up gently, give yourself time to feel right before proceeding with walking. Surely, you have seen movies, where the woman faints, and then discovers the reason is that she is newly pregnant. That has some truth because the pregnancy hormones cause lightheadedness and fainting at times.

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