Past Your Due Date and Still Pregnant?

Due Date

Due Date (Photo credit: CityTalk)

Women surpassing their due date for a baby can happen, and sometimes there are ways to try and expedite the due date. A mom’s perspective is explored as she talks about what it is like to have a baby that a few days past its intended due dates, and even explores some statistics about just how late some babies can go past their intended due date.


Some options to increase the likelihood of giving birth at a certain due date include having sex, eating fruit such as pineapple, or even red raspberry leaf tea to try and reach a certain due date and give birth before the baby is considered past his or her due date.


Past your due date and still pregnant? Yeah, me too

Come Clean, What Was Your Weirdest Pregnancy Craving?

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intense cravings are a famous part of pregnancy. Cravings vary but can last for a day, a few days, a few months, or the entire pregnancy. While pregnancy cravings are known for being weird, they don’t have to be.


Pregnancy cravings can be absolutely anything and only bound together by the intensity for which women experience them. While all cravings are intense, they tend to change from one woman to another, and can even change for each individual pregnancy.


Cravings tend to fall into a specific food group, whether it be salty or sweet. Cravings are also uncontrollable and can’t be placated by anything other than the specific food that is craved. Hopefully mothers who experience pregnancy cravings have a supply of their craved food readily available. If not, these cravings can be unbearable.


Come Clean, What Was Your Weirdest Pregnancy Craving?

The Everyday Device That’s Saving Lives of Moms, Kids


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Many mothers and children all over the world are struggling just to have a safe and healthy birth. Many women throughout the world do not have access to proper medical information, and therefore the mother cannot make the best decision for her and her baby.


But providing the right information to an expecting mother about the birth of her child will empower her to do the correct thing for her child and will improve the chance that she will have a successful birth. Now Johnson & Johnson (which Baby Center is a proud subsidiary of) and MAMA are teaming up to provide moms with the power to know and understand their babies birth better.


The MAMA project helps to bring the proper information into the locations where it is needed most. The United Nations has set this as one of its priorities for improving the health of mothers during pregnancy. You can watch a video and share it on Facebook to unlock a $5 donation.


The everyday device that’s saving lives of moms, kids

Experiencing Difficult Feelings During Pregnancy?


Pregnant (Photo credit: ✪ MD Clic Photography ✪)

Pregnant? Having feelings and scared? This is normal in many mothers, especially new ones. Everyone thinks it’s supposed to be so wonderful to be a new mother but if you’re feeling unsure, it’s okay.


There are many different feelings that you have and in this article, it’s covered. What you’re feeling is normal. So no, you aren’t going insane or a bad person and there are ten, count them, ten feelings that are normal, even one where it’s okay to be completely dumbfounded that you have a whole person in there.


A big ol’ baby…right in there. Sometimes you may feel like it’s an ‘it’, not a boy or a girl, just something that’s making your body change and sleep completely frustrating. This article helps understand those feelings and that you’re not alone, can you believe it? You’re normal!

10 Difficult feelings it’s normal to have in pregnancy

Are Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Dangerous?

A bottle of Purell

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Do you and your family use hand sanitizer all the time? Maybe its because I’m “old school,” but I only use hand sanitizer or make my kids use it if there is a reason. My kids’ teachers, however, make them use it as if they owned the patent for the product. I fantasize about them having a 55 gallon drum of Purell in the stationary closet and lining the kids up to soak them down with the stuff.


Everyone knows the dangers of alcohol poisoning from hand sanitizers, but here’s something I just learned about: an 11 year old little girl named Ireland Lane was taken to an Oregon hospital for third degree burns. The alcohol-based hand sanitizer is highly flammable and when a static electric spark ignited the product on her clothes, she was severely burned.


The burns will require skin grafts. What is particularly awful is that this poor child has already overcome cancer. This isn’t just unsupervised children suffering. The medical community has had incidences as well. A Kentucky nurse burnt her hand in 2002. A surgery patient was seriously burnt in 1998 during an operation.


While alcohol-based hand sanitizers might be safely used if the bottles’ directions are EXACTLY followed, a better option might be to consider one of the alcohol free hand sanitizers such as safeHands® Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer. This product disinfects 99.9% of the pathogens on the skin, has moisturizers in it (and everyone knows how alcohol dries the skin) and it smells good.


Considering the Dangers of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Flying with kids: Take your chances, or take Benadryl?

Airplane Flight Wing flying to Travel on Vacation

Flying With Kids  (Photo credit:

Using a medication such as Benadryl or Phenergan to zonk out your kid on a flight is a moral and ethical problem that most parents face when they decide to take that first flight with their young baby. Some parents say yea and others say nay.


Using over the counter drugs that contain some kind of sedative is nothing new and has been done by parents the world over. It however does raise some questions that are being legitimately asked. Many parents wonder what effects the baby will deal with, feeling “wasted” is one.


There are also questions about the reasons for giving babies these medications. One major question is are you doing it for the comfort of baby or the comfort of yourself and the strangers you are traveling with? Many feel if you are not doing it for the babies’ sake, then perhaps you are doing it for the wrong reasons.


Many pediatricians feel that a dose of Benadryl for baby is harmless, but ultimately it is the choice of mom and dad.


Flying with kids: Take your chances, or take Benadryl?

Ever Wondered What Baby Food Taste Like?

Baby eating baby food (blended green beans)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

C’mon! l know you have thought about it, maybe some of you have even done it. Baby food sometimes looks like what should be sitting in the bottom of the diaper instead of sitting on a spoon.


But sometimes you look at that spoonful of pureed (insert food item here) and wonder how it might taste. Well, now you don’t have to wonder, you can watch as this dad takes down his child’s mashed grub. He kind of actually makes it kind of look tasty, almost like those sloppy Carl’s Jr. commercials.


And much like the Carl’s Jr. slogan “”If it doesn’t get all over the place it doesn’t belong in your face,” this dad proves that it could be a great slogan for baby food as well. And as the clip concludes it leaves us wondering what another favorite baby food might tastes like… That one I will be skipping!


Breastfeeding Moms Still Need Support

Breastfeeding symbol

Breastfeeding symbol (Photo credit: Topinambour)

Encouraging news has just arrived from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) showing that breastfeeding is becoming a more common practice for new mothers.


This is good news for a number of reasons, not only is breastfeeding more nutritional and better for the health of babies, but the rise of more mothers actively doing it will lessen the mystery and stigma of the act itself.


There is still a long ways to go in the fight to normalize breastfeeding in society as an acceptable practice, however. The same studies show that there is a consistent and substantial drop after the 6 month. Meaning, without support new mothers aren’t able to confidently continue the practice.


Grab the Full Story Here – Breastfeeding on rise, but moms still need support

A Guide to Teaching Mindfullness to Children With Anxiety



Mindfulness, as a practice, has been around for centuries, originally developed in Buddhist traditions. However, the use of mindfulness as a coping mechanism for childhood anxiety is relatively new.


Author John Kabat-Zinn has pioneered a way of mixing mindfulness with stress reduction techniques, often used in the corporate world, but now those same techniques of becoming acutely aware of the world while not being judgmental are being tailored to children’s unique needs.


Just like adults, children have swirling thoughts and emotions that can lead them away, and mindfulness’s focus is on removing the anxiety created by those emotions and focusing on the present moment.


The Parents Guide to Teaching Mindfulness to Children with Anxiety

Kids And Trickery, Do they Mix?

Child 1

 (Photo credit: Tony Trần)

Here is a mom who is questioning whether or not it is okay to play pranks on one’s children. It seems she enjoys this and finds it funny. She went on to say how her daughter’s teacher called home to leave a positive message but the mother tricked her daughter into thinking she was in trouble.


Although she felt somewhat guilty when she searched online she found other parents who were also pulling pranks on their children. For example, one mother she found online tricked her son into thinking he had bought a fifty thousand dollar car online.


In any case, she ends up chastising herself and other parents for this practice because it is a little mean spirited and perhaps they are too young for it. She says pranking should be saved for special, more appropriate occasions such as April 1st, better known as April Fools day.


Do you play tricks on your kids?