Real President Takes Time To Kick It With Kid President

Oval Office

Oval Office

It was a dream come true for Kid president “Robby Novack”,age 9, when he was finally invited to visit The White House. His excitement showed as he greeted the president and got an official tour of the Oval office.


He and the president swapped advice and discussed each other’s jobs and how they could work together to get things running straight. The president and the Kid president hit it off and over all the visit, full of jokes and light hearted small talk, was a highly entertaining and touching time.


The president’s advice to children and adults everywhere is to treat those around them right and to focus on caring and standing for what is right, that way our country would have far less problems.


Is the Duchess of Cambridge Having a Girl?

Kate, the Dutchess of Cambridge, on Buckingham...

Kate, the Dutchess of Cambridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it possible that the Duchess of Cambridge’s first-born child will be a daughter?


That thought-provoking question is explored as the Duchess may have accidentally slipped to the press that her first-born will in fact be a daughter.


The Duchess accidentally started off a sentence using the first few letters of the word “daughter”, but then stopped before she could fully enunciate the word.


Many in the press were aware of her slip, and tried to press her for more details, but the Duchess would not budge and kept insisting that she did not know the gender of what her baby will be.


Is the Duchess of Cambridge Having a Girl?

Halle Berry’s Red Carpet Belly Debut


English: Actress Halle Berry at the 83rd Acade...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halle Berry, the 46 year old actress, is pregnant with her second child. She confirmed that she is expecting her second child last week.


She and Michael Kors have teamed up to create specially designed watches that, through their sales, will help provide meals to hungry children throughout the world. On the red carpet, Halle said the news of her pregnancy was “the biggest surprise” of her life. Berry and Kors plan to travel to the countries where their program will help to feed children.


She hopes to travel while pregnant in order to also talk about the importance of prenatal care.



BumpWatch: Halle Berry’s Red Carpet Belly Debut

Celebrity Families That Are Too Cool For Hollywood

Hollywood Sign

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This article goes through a list of celebrities that have high profile families. It goes from Vera Farmiga, Julia Roberts, Michael J. Fox, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. It tells about each ones family as well as the celebrity’s comments on their family.


The article runs through the members of each family and all the ages. It seems to be focused on celebrities with young children and even one very high profile teen pregnancy. The article also tries to make these families more normal than what people think they are. They also try to make all the celebrities look like they are perfectly normal when their families are very different.


5 celebrity families that don’t live in Hollywood

Do You Think Adele’s New Tattoo Is a Tribute to Her Son?


English: Adele

Adele (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Musical artist Adele was spotted with a new tattoo at the Grammy’s on Sunday. The new ink was a stylized letter “A” found on her neck. Speculation abounds as to what this mysterious letter could stand for. It may be in homage to her newborn son.



Adele has recently been spotted wearing a gold necklace with the name Angelo inscribed on it. Her new body art might also be in homage to her award winning song. She won a Grammy for the best solo pop performance for her song, “Set Fire to the Rain.” Adele’s tattoo may remain a mystery, but her talent will continue to be on display as she seeks to continue winning awards for years to come.



Is Adeles New Tattoo a Tribute to Her Son?


Nick Lachey and Wife Vanessa will Be Touring With Their 5 Month Old Son

English: Nick Lachey in February 2006.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never has Nick Lachey probably been more excited over something so small and fragile but extremely important. Camden John had been teething for a while according to the singer and has recently reached a milestone: his first tooth.


Not only this but 5 month old will be experiencing a lot of excitement himself as he goes on a long-awaited tour with his father. The tour, his first in over a decade, will definitely have the little one on board as Nick says it would be tragic any other way. He and his wife Vanessa are hoping to spend time away from their busy work life and connect with other couples over Valentine’s day.


Nick Lachey: Not Taking Camden on Tour Would BeTragic

Actor John Cho Welcomes Baby Girl!

John Cho (TV Guide panel)

(Photo credit: MelodyJSandoval)

Sulu is now a proud papa!

It has recently been confirmed by Actor John Cho’s rep that the actor recently brought a new daughter into the world. This is the second child for the proud dad who also has a young son.


Cho who’s famous for his roles in both American pie and the Harold and Kumar movies Cho will also be re-returning to his role as Hikaru Sulu in the new star trek sequel that is due out this spring.


You can also catch Cho on the hit NBC show “Go on” as well as staring with Jason Bateman in the new movie “Identity thief”.


John Cho Welcomes a Daughter

Welcome Home Beatrice! Bryce Dallas Howard Gives Birth

Bryce Dallas Howard-Mother of 2

Bryce Dallas Howard

The Twilight Saga actress Bryce Dallas Howard is a new Mommy after giving birth to  “Baby B’… Beatrice Jean Howard-Gabel a sister to their four year old son, Theo.

Proud grandfather, Ron Howard, tweeted out the good news, writing, “Born Jan 19 2012 8lbs 6oz Bryce & Baby B are spectacular.”

Howard later added, “Beatrice’s arrival is hugely exciting for our family. Thanks for all the kind tweets folks.”

Bryce also had a star role in The Help.

Celine Dion, It’s a Boy!

Motherhood would like to welcome back Celine Dion!

After such a long journey for Celine she is now the proud mother of not one, but two beautiful baby boys. She was actually hospitalized last Sunday after showing symptoms of early childbirth. Celine’s hospitalization was simply a precautionary measure to keep her near her Doctor incase something went wrong. This has become somewhat of a common practice, especially for women delivering twins.

Celine Dion’s Doctor reported that on Saturday she delivered both baby boys by C-Section and that everything went as expected. He also reported that both boys are very healthy. She hasn’t announced the names of the two little ones yet, but she has announced that she and her entire family are just as thrilled and excited as they could be.

We are just so happy for Celine and her two little new additions to her family. Congratulations!!

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