Moms Help Daughters When Shopping for Baby Bedding

When you find out your daughter is expecting a baby it is one of the most exciting times of your life. You are going to be a grandmother and are always thinking about what you can do to help your daughter with while everyone waits for the new baby’s arrival.

As you help your daughter prepare for the baby’s arrival, you will be creating memories that will last a
lifetime. One of the most fun things that mothers and daughters like to go together is getting the baby’s nursery ready.

There is a lot to do here.

1) Deciding on where the baby nursery will be.

Glenna Jean Isabella

Isabella by Glenna Jean ~ Crib Bedding Collection

2) Taking all of the furniture out of that room and finding a new place for it.
3) Order fabric swatches of the baby bedding collections you like.
4) Making a decision on the baby crib bedding.
5) Create a baby bedding gift registry for upcoming showers.
6) Ordering the reminder of the items you have not received as gifts.
7) Picking out a color scheme that matches your baby bedding theme.
8) Painting the walls to match your color preference.
9) Deciding on what kind of furniture you will need in the room (changing table, rocking chair, club chair and ottoman and etc)
10) Getting other necessities like diapers, creams, powders, shampoo, onesies, blankets, towels put away in the nursery.

All of these things should be done several weeks before the due date, so you will want to create a calendar to get your checklist done over a period of several months. Planning in out with a scheduled calender will be less stressful and when the due date is close, everyone can just relax.

As with any home decorating project you may even find it valuable to create a project board and layout the room on paper before hand to make sure everything fits and flows well to be functional, as well as beautiful.

At My Baby Bedding Shop we talk with moms-to-be and grandmoms-to-be everyday, and have enjoyed sharing their excitement while assisting in the selection of their crib bedding and decor accessories.

Color and Charm with the Glenna Jean McKenzie Collection

You won’t be disappointed with the Baby Bedding Set from the McKenzie Collection. Vibrant colors, decorative shapes and magic create one of the most intensively amazing bedding and accessory collections available for baby. It is the Glenna Jean McKenzie Collection, displaying reds and greys next to white, black and green. Stripes, dots, circles and flowers accent the pillows and drapes designed as accessories. The McKenzie Mobile creates harmony with the overall look by including brown and white bears affixed to a red and white canopy.

Glenna Jean McKenzie

Glenna Jean McKenzie

The 4-piece baby girl bedding set consists of a dust ruffle, bumper, fitted sheet and comforter, while the 5-piece set offers a lovely green tweed pillow or a diaper stacker as the fifth item. Several pillows add to the McKenzie appeal, such as the black pillow with red flowers, the floral print pillow and the rectangular stripe pillow in black and white.

Several different designs make up the Glenna Jean Garden Wall Art. The Bunny is a great display with the McKenzie collection. At 20 x24 inches, the artwork provides a cheerful scene against bar walls in the room, often positioned so baby can see it while settling down for a nap. Place it high enough to avoid extra artistic embellishments when baby reaches the crayon stage.

Wall hangings add a cute touch to walls, especially when positioned so baby can see the adorable decorations without being able to grab them. Glenna Jean’s hanging bear has a smile on his face as he sits on one of three boxes that attach to the wall. The three-dimensional affect caused by the depth of each 6 x 6- inch square has colorful red flowers, background and a black stencil flower on a white background. Teddy can relax by leaning against one box while sitting on another. Attach the wooden shelves to the wall either apart or close together.

Finley Baby Crib Bedding Sets from Glenna Jean

The Glenna Jean Finley collection is another exemplary display of bedding and nursery furnishing for special babies and children. You will find Finley items in the most exclusive stores and nurseries. The appeal draws parents and others searching for the perfect gift for baby. The collection features in such prominent publications as Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, a well-deserved recognition for this popular style.
A beautifully coordinated nursery gives baby a warm, safe environment. It is comforting to know the infant or toddler can sit and look at a book or play on a soft Glenna Jean Finley rug designed to match other pieces in the Finley collection. Nursery furniture, including the perfect chair for mom or dad and even baby several years from now, is creative with a welcome appearance. Even small items are perfect.
People unfamiliar with Glenna Jean collections might wonder about what makes them special. Love and care go into every design and creation to ensure the comfort of baby and mom. Handcrafted items ensure a uniquely precious long-lasting gift. The pastel colors of blue and yellow blend with the prints of cream and mint colors, perfect for boys and girls.

Finley Baby Crib Bedding Set

"Finley" the Gender Neutral Collection by Glenna Jean

With the exception of bedding made with tufted edging and tassels, the bedding is machine washable, using a cool water and gentle cycle. That makes it easy to keep the sheets and blankets safe to be near baby and avoids concerns about what to do when bedding requires washing.
Thanks to the different pieces that fall into the bedding sets and nursery accessories, there is an opportunity to expand the collection and continue the peaceful ambience that lets the entire family enjoy baby’s area.

Glenna Jean is Made in the USAOther benefits of selecting Glenna Jean Finley bedding include a warranty that provides a no questions asked refund if defective workmanship appears within ninety days. The reputation establishes this seldom happens, but it is nice to know just in case. Friendly customer service representatives make shopping for and discussing the collection comfortable. Shop with confidence knowing that Glenna Jean bedding is made in the United States by skilled artisans that care.

Glenna Jean Isabella Collection for Now and Later


Joy and excitement are two of the best emotions surrounding expectant mothers. Gifts will be practical, whimsical, fun and special. Perhaps the most special types of gifts are the ones that are beautiful, creative, durable and long lasting, such as the Glenna Jean Isabella Collection. The bedding and coordinated décor grows with your baby girl, promising years of happiness and comfort.

The four-piece Glenna Jean Isabella crib set has special designs and colors. Pink, cream and green create a delightful girl’s set in the bumper, crib skirt, quilt and fitted sheet. The fabrics composing the quilt include star jacquard, velvet, toile and gingham. Stripes and rosebuds, delicately embroidered for detail, complete the pattern. Wide pink satin ribbons serve as the ties for the bumper. The pinched pleat skirt has a double layer in toile and gingham to hold it in place.

Glenna Jean Isabella

Isabella by Glenna Jean ~ Crib Bedding Collection

Moms will treasure the Glenna Jean Isabella Kids Twin Three-Piece Bedding Set or Full Four-Piece Set with a toile duvet cover and skirt. The twin set has one gingham sham and the full set has two. The same beautiful pattern as the crib set, the décor is suitable for the baby as she grows. The quality is such that many girls can use the items for their own daughters someday.

Glenna Jean Isabella Kids Collection

Isabella Kids Bedding by Glenna Jean

Decorative cord and tassels enhance some Glenna Jean Isabella coordinate décor safe from baby’s inquisitive reach. The pattern continues in a comfortable child’s chair and tuffet. Design the special girl’s room with cream drapery panels and pink stars, complemented by a sheer window panel featuring star cutouts. The diaper stacker and birdhouse lamp with rippled moiré shade provide a warm ambience. Complete the look with the wall border and attach the coordinated hanging three-heart set on the wall. The room will welcome mom, baby and visitors with joyous beauty.

Baby Bedding Gift Registry

Introducing the Baby Bedding Registry


The “My Baby” team is very proud to announce a very useful new addition to our website.  The Baby Bedding Gift Registry is a user-friendly tool we have added for our customers to add ease to the nursery preparation experience.  This new tool will work great for those moms who are having baby showers and want their guest gift purchasing to be as organized as possible.

Our Baby Registry tool is sort of like our wishlist tool except it’s actually capable of doing much, much, more…with the intentions of making your (the new mommy) life as easy as possible during this special time.

Here are just a few ways how the new “Baby Registry” will benefit our expecting customers!

1. Future Parents, Existing Parents who are expecting another, and Mommies to be can create a “Baby Registry” right here on our website.  The “Baby Registry” Creator can add as many products to their registry as they want.

2. Registry Users can create a “Private” or “Shared” registry

3. Registry Users can rate the products in their registry by using the following: Must Have, Would be nice to have, and Would like to have.

4. Registry Users can add a “Personal Note” with each product and specify the quantity of the products that you would like to receive.  For example if you have added a valance to your registry and you have two windows in your baby nursery then you could change the quantity to two.

5. Registry Users can also add specific information to their particular registry such as the Future parents Name, Baby Expected Arrival Date, Baby Shower Date, Shower Location, and Parent Notes.  All of this information can be edited at any time from your account.

6. Registry Users also have the ability to add a Profile Picture to their registry, to personalize their registry more. The registry profile picture is sort of like a FaceBook profile picture. So you can add a funny photo, a photo of your family, or a photo of your puppy, whatever floats your boat : )

7. Once a registry is created and products are added the registry will display the product, the price, the quantity desired, the amount already received, and a convenient add to cart button.  This functionality is really convenient because if a friend of yours comes and buys something on your registry then it will mark that product as received, so that you won’t receive duplicate gifts at your shower : )  pretty cool huh??

8. So, your probably asking how the heck will people know about my registry?  Well, when your registry is created you will  have the capability to send your registry out to all of your friends via email with the click of a button.  You can do this directly from our store!   You don’t even have to write the email… we write it for you!  However, there is a spot for you to add your “Special Notes” to your friends and family.

If you have any questions about our Baby Bedding Registry please feel free to leave a comment or email our customer service team at


So, now that you know about our awesome new registry why don’t you go try it out with some elegant (Made in the USA) Glenna Jean Crib Bedding, or one of the famous JoJo Designs Bedding Sets (they offer 9 piece crib sets!) or some of our super trendy Trend-Lab Baby Bedding Sets!

Ideas and Tips for a Unique & Functional Baby Nursery

You could go about decorating a nursery for your twins just as you would for a single baby, but why not have some fun with it? Twins are unique and special, so why not make their room reflect that? The following suggestions are intended as jumping off points to get you thinking creatively about design ideas for your twin nursery. Use them as inspiration to create something truly special for the double blessing headed your way.

Note that you could actually save a considerable amount of money by coming up with unique design ideas. If you are decorating on a tight budget, some of these suggestions could be just what you need to hear!

Ditch Pink & Blue

Pink and blue color schemes are completely cliché and you would do well to think of more original color patterns for your nursery, especially if you are decorating for boy/girl twins. Consider bright primary colors such as sunny yellow and elegant red with splashes of bright, bold blue.

Nurseries don’t have to feel juvenile or be decorated with Disney or Looney Tunes characters. They can be peaceful, clean and serene. They can feel cozy and elegant. Rooms with this feel and color variations are easier to transition into a room for older children as well.

Two Rooms in One

Consider playing with two different colors, one essentially representing a different child. You can do this by splitting the colors on different sides of the room with a few decorative items that blend the colors together, or you can have two walls painted each color with all decorations blending them into one cohesive room.

Rooms decorated in this manner usually have a very modern feel and can give more individuality to each twin as they grow.

Get Dirty!

True creativity often requires a bit of dirt and grime. Think of ways to put your family’s unique stamp of love on your twin’s nursery. Older siblings can finger paint on plain light switch covers. Parents or other family members can paint and write special messages on canvas to hang on the wall. Pick one area of the room and have each family member put their hand and/or footprints on the wall, adding prints for the twins when they come home.
You could even have a mural painted on one wall and add in your own special touches or handprints!

Don’t Think in Twos

Buying two of everything for a twin nursery is completely unnecessary. You will likely not need two rocking chairs or changing tables and many families get by with one crib for the first few months or so. All of that furniture will clutter up the room and make it less peaceful to enter, and it is simply a waste of money.

You may need some extra storage space for diapers, clothing, and other supplies, but sticking with less furniture will free up the budget and space for more decorative items that add value and comfort to the room.

It is important when decorating for twins to start as early as possible. Twins are usually born earlier than single babies, which cuts down on the time you will have to complete your plans. Plus, the further you get with the pregnancy the more time you will need to rest and you may not be able to move around as comfortably.

Take a look at these Baby Crib Bedding Sets

Happy Crib

Once you bring home the crib, it is hard to resist decorating it for your soon-to-arrive baby. Most people enjoy shopping for crib sets that match the overall decorative theme or color scheme of the baby’s nursery, but it’s important to know which items can actually go in the crib and which ones may present a safety issue. More importantly, how do you set up the crib so it is comfortable for your newborn?

For starters, when you first bring home an infant they are not going to care much about what you have sitting in the crib. The extent of their concerns is being dry, well fed, warm, and comfortable. There are three things that will ensure the crib is comfortable enough without being a danger: the mattress, the blankets, and their clothing.

So many people just walk into a nearby store and pick up a crib mattress without realizing that there are actually different types. You have to make sure the size is right so the mattress hugs closely to the crib and avoid rounded corners. A round corner leaves a small hole in the corners where an arm or leg could easily get caught.

There are also different types of crib mattresses these days, such as latex or memory foam. What matters most for an infant is a firm surface where they have some cushioning while still having adequate body support. They can’t support themselves very well in the beginning, so this is very important.

It is tempting to pile on the blankets, stuffed animals, and other comfort items, but those things should be removed when you lay your infant down to sleep. Stuffed animals could be a safety hazard once your baby starts to roll around and many professionals now believe blankets have no place in the crib at all. The best way to make sure your infant stays warm is to use a blanket sleeper over their pajamas and make sure the temperature in the room is kept warm. This way, they only need one very light blanket or none at all.

For an infant, what you put on them is even more important than blankets and toys. Make sure their diaper is dry and their clothing is soft and dry. Make sure they are dressed warm, but not so warm they will overheat or become agitated. New parents may have to keep an eye on their baby at first to judge how much clothing is appropriate. As they get older they will be more interested in the play items that strap to the side of the crib (especially mirrors) and possibly a mobile, given it does not dangle down where the baby could get caught up in it.

On a final note, what do you do if none of these precautions work? What if your baby simply won’t go to sleep? There is a lot of controversy over whether parents should sleep in the same bed with an infant, but for safety and practical reasons it is best not to do so. The chances of rolling over on a small infant are always present, especially when you are an exhausted new parent. Also, it is hard to break a child from sleeping with a parent so they will sleep on their own when they are older. Try training your infant to sleep in their crib, using a rocking chair or pacing the room with them and then gently laying them down.

Take a look at the Glenna Jean McKenzie 4 piece Crib Bedding Set