Healthy Sleeping Tips for Baby on Vacation

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Before you leave on your next vacation, remember these traveling tips in order for you and your family to have not only a relaxing getaway but a well rested one as well, specifically your baby.


It may be difficult but maintaining consistency in nap and bedtimes is a must. If you can have only one thing be maintained at the same time, let this be it on your trip.


It will aid you in numerous hours of your own sleep as well as your babies from the moment you leave until you get back. These and many more tips can help you in your quest for sleep while you’re on the go.


10 Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits When Youre On Vacation with a Baby

Sleep Schedule Disrupted? Get Baby Back on Schedule!

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Although embarrassing sometimes and worrying at others, it is an unavoidable occurrence for a child to not get the adequate sleep they need due to a multitude of reasons.


Every child has a stage or occurrence when they go veer from the ever comforting and satisfying sleep schedule which leaves the parent in a state worse for wear.


Luckily there are numerous solutions to righting or setting your child back on the right track to a restful slumber.


Some of these can be quick steps with quick results, others are based around a long term view but all will nonetheless be healthy for the child in the long run.


Getting baby back on schedule: Dealing with sleep disruptions

How to Effectively Utilize Strollers at Walt Disney World

At Disney World

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The Walt Disney World Resort includes four theme parks that are considered to be world-class. These include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The resort sits atop over thirty acres, which means that it is approximately the same size as the City of San Francisco. The company employs over 62,000 individuals, which means that it is the largest employer in the United States located on one site. It has been estimated that approximately fifty million guests visit The Walt Disney World Resort annually. When visiting the theme parks that are included within The Walt Disney World Resort, you will discover a wide array of amenities that will make your visit enjoyable and comfortable. These include locker storage space, ATM units that may be used to retrieve additional funding during your visit, care centers for babies, and even stroller units that may be rented. If you are bringing children to the resort, it is essential that you learn some simple facts on how to properly utilize strollers while visiting. In this guide, you will be provided with some effective strategies that will allow you to make the most of the stroller units available at the resort.

Personal Strollers and Rented Strollers

When visiting The Walt Disney World Resort, you may bring a stroller that you already own, or you may rent one directly from the resort. It is essential that you understand that there is only one type of stroller that is permitted to be transported on the trams, the monorails that travel around the park and the buses that are available for use on the property. These are the collapsible units. If you do not personally own this type of stroller, it may be best to rent an approved stroller from the resort. However, keep in mind; these units are typically not permitted on the rides that are available throughout the resort. In order to properly protect the unit, you must designate an adult to remain with the stroller while others enjoy the rides. You may even elect to alternate adults in your party so that everyone has a fair chance of enjoying the park.

Easy Identification

In a resort that receives millions of visitors annually, you are bound to have an exceptionally challenging time locating your stroller or identifying it should it become lost, moved by a cast member, or relocated to a designated lost and found area. In order to ensure that you are able to properly distinguish your stroller from others that are within the park, you should make an effort to tie something unique to the unit. It could be brightly colored yarn, a balloon, or even your favorite shirt. The goal is to ensure that you recognize the unit should you find yourself in that position, so, it is important that your unique item selection be something that you are able to recognize immediately.


Many guests to The Walt Disney World Resort believe that a stroller may only be used on babies and toddlers, but this is not true. Strollers are a convenient means of transporting your personal properly around the exceptionally large resort and for providing a resting area for children that are in elementary school. If you do plan on using a stroller while traveling around the park on warm or hot days, it is important to consider the material that the unit is constructed of because plastics and metal pieces may heat up exceptionally fast. In this instance, it is a good idea to make certain that you bring a towel or a blanket to cover the material so that the child that uses the device is comfortable.


As you can see, there are many important considerations that should be made if you are going to put a stroller to use at The Walt Disney World Resort. If you elect to rent a stroller, it is imperative that you know how much the device costs ahead of time and that you take the time to learn where the rental units are located throughout each theme park that you are going to visit. You should keep the receipt that you obtain when renting a stroller if you plan on visiting multiple theme parks because it will allow you to obtain a new stroller at no additional charge. Strollers are an effective means of optimizing your comfort level while at the theme parks. By using the steps contained in this guide, you are sure to use the devices in an effective manner.

Kiddie Latte – How To

Latte Machiatto

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Not everyone wants to give in and buy their kid the overpriced drinks many cafe’s offer which are quite simply, easy enough you could do it yourself. Here is an instructional guide on how to make these drinks and in doing so, save yourself time and money which become more and more precious in our current times.


All you need are four to five ingredients which are likely already stocked in your kitchen, and you’ve already done half the work to giving your child a satisfying but fun drink. Once you’ve learned these basics you could even expand and add or subtract your own flavors to taste.


How to make a kiddie latte (warm vanilla milk)

Hilarious Downton Abbey Video By Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Sesame Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Upside Downton Abbey parody by Sesame Street, implementing cultural significance into childhood learning in a unique and fun way. What will they do next? For years, Sesame Street has held a leading hand in the foundation of childhood education, encouraging eager students, inspiring participation in learning activities and applauding understanding of concepts.


Sesame Street is stepping it up, using modern music, dance, story and history to teach children left from right and up from down, both literally and figuratively. With catchy word play and even an introduction in “proper” manners, Upside Downton Abbey parody had both myself amused, and my child entertained.


Cool Mom Picks – The Sesame Street Downton Abbey video. Hilarious!

Cloth or Disposable Diapers? A look at Pros and Cons of Both

Congratulations if you are expecting a baby! Being pregnant brings on so many changes with your own body, you will see if morph over the next 9 months and will marvel at the growing baby. Along with the changes physically comes just as many decisions to make about the new arrival, among those decisions you need to decide whether to use cloth or disposable diapers. This is a decision best made before the baby is born so you will prepare for their arrival. Either choice has pros and cons, good and bad. Often, it is a matter of personal preference. You will find those on both sides who will vehemently defend their decision to go cloth or disposable.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

Pros of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers, after the initial investment, will be less expensive over constantly purchasing disposable. Cloth diapers made today are a lot better than ones made in years past are. You can find cloth diapers that are all in one, meaning the outer covering and the tabs are all in one diaper, no need for separate plastic pants. The tabs are Velcro type or snaps, no need for sticky pins. They will last through many washings, if extra care is made (no fabric softener or dryer sheets). Most will also expand and grow with the baby, so purchasing about two dozen should get them through the diaper years.

Cons of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are an expensive investment in the beginning. Each diaper cost about as much as a pack of disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are messy. When the baby has a bowel movement, the contents have to be dealt with and normally this means cleaning the diaper in the toilet. There are disposable inserts that are available, and that’s another added expense. Diapers will need washing daily, unless you purchase enough that you can wash every other day. It requires more water and electricity to run the washer and or dryer if you choose to dry in the dryer. Traveling is more difficult having to carry back dirty diapers to be washed.

Pros of Disposable Diapers

The number one pro is the ease of changing a dirty baby. Just take the dirty diaper off, clean their little bottom, and wrap wipes in dirty diaper, fold, and throw away. It is a lot easier to travel. Daycare workers, nursery workers, etc. prefer disposable diapers to having to deal with cloth, while the baby is in the care of a sitter (because of work or other reasons for babysitting). Disposable diapers are available at most discount and grocery stores. They are convenient to use.

Cons of Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers over time can be very expensive. Prices on packs of disposable diapers are always going up. A baby will go through six to ten diapers a day, newborns may go through more. Some babies may have allergies to the materials in the disposable diapers. Disposable diapers fill up dumps, landfills, and take years to disintegrate. They are not environmentally friendly because of this.

How To Prepare For A New Baby

Baby Crying CartoonBabies bring joy to the lives of people especially their parents. After the nine months of pregnancy a mother is congratulated on delivering the new born kid. However, how to prepare for a new baby is an important lesson as the joy can be cut short if the parents had not prepared adequately for the coming kid.

Parents should perform some preparations for the expected young one even before it is born. These preparations can be summarized under the following steps, most of these things are general and does not depend on whether the bay is a boy or a girl.

Parents should purchase transportation items; these are things like car seat, and stroller. A car seat is necessary until a kid become a toddler and should be front and rear facing. Stroller is important to assist the baby learn to walk slowly.

Baby Crib Bedding Sets, Blankets, clothing, and bathing cloths like towel must also be bought in advance. This is to avoid last minute rush when the kid is already born and also helps reduce the cost involved especially considering the maternity cost which is reasonably high. Buying cloths in packs is far much cheaper as considered to purchasing each cloth as a single. Climatic condition must also be considered when buying the kids cloths to ensure its comfort on arrival.

Parents should ensure they have obtained enough baby wipes. They should avoid overstocking on new born kid items as the kid will grow faster than anyone can imagine, in a short while it will no longer fit in such items as it will have grow much bigger to a toddler thus it is advisable to buy these items depending on age groups and not on pounds.

Entertainment is a key necessity to any young toddler. Apart from eating and sleeping, a baby needs to play to be active and jovial. They like exploring using their hands and eyes, toys will help the kid in exploration. The best toys should produce some noise that attracts the attention of the kid thus making it happy. This also assists them in suckling as it increases the strength of their jaws. Another very important aspect is medical or health care kits. This comprises of some medicines and tools like a thermometer, nail cutter, and comb. Washing soaps for the kid are also very necessary.

Acquiring these basic necessities might be a problem to some especially those living under extreme poverty. One can try using some of these methods to obtain these facilities instead of waiting till the baby is born to receive items in form of gifts.

One way is borrowing them from who had babies recently but are now grown up. This is because majority of them might end up throwing them away as a way of disposing. Most of them will prefer giving them out to those in need of them instead of disposing them.

Shopping in some specific shops, some of these shops are much cheaper as compared to others and therefore those who are not that smart financially can at least afford buying in such shops. Other items are received in form of gifts from friends and well wishers.

How To Make Cloth Diapers At Home

Diapers always come in handy in preventing a child from soiling his or her clothes. They are commonly used by babies. Normally, they come in different types which include the disposable and none disposable cloth diapers. The disposable ones are usually thrown away after use while the cloth ones are usually washed after use. Under cloth diapers there are also the home made diapers which are very economical to use. Here is how to make cloth diapers at home

Choice of the right fabric is very important. Some of the best materials to use are cotton, cotton knits, terry and flannel. These are quite affordable and easily accessible. If you do not mind spending a lot you can opt for designer fabrics. Fleece material can be used on the inner lining to help prevent wetness. Terry would be best for the soaker while a printed flannel would give it an attractive finish.

The first step is to get a disposable one, open it and trace out its outline making sure to leave a quarter inch from seam. Make sure to give a good allowance to give room for growth. Since babies grow fast it is necessary to make one that can be worn for a long time. There are many ways to go about cutting and shaping the diaper. To learn more on this you can go online.

Depending on the pattern that you have done, there will be a need to cut the shapes. The most preferred being in the shape of an hour glass. However, you need to be careful to ensure that one piece is derived from the inner material while the other is from the outer one. The length should be as long as that of the diaper. Make it as long as possible. It should then be placed on the wrong side of the interior material and sewn in place.

Take measurements of your little one’s thigh before cutting two strips of elastic bands a quarter inches from the leg opening. Make sure that the elastic is wide enough to allow free leg movements. A tight opening may cause so much pain to the infant. Run some stitched wrong side of the leg opening.

Join the hourglass shaped fabric together making sure that the right sides touch each other. Stitch it all round allowing a small opening to enable you to turn it inside out. Turn it inside out after you have stitched all round. Remember to finally close the front.

Cloth types come with a number of benefits. One of the main reasons being you spend less to make. You also save a lot as opposed to buying the disposables ones. They are reusable and may be use for quite a long time before wearing out. They are also environmental friendly as opposed to the disposable ones.

This simple piece of dress is very instrumental in the well being of an infant. Always wash cloth diapers properly after use. Learning how to design your own from home may take a lot of your time however, the amount of money saved may be worth the hassle.

Reasons your Infant is Crying

Your little one is the most beautiful baby in the world. You can’t even remember your life before the baby. You want to give everything you can and make the baby happy. Then why is the baby crying? Here are some common reasons.

The first thing you should consider is hunger. Babies eat every three hours or less and it is possible that they are just complaining because they are not fed. You might think that you have just fed your baby, but three hours have past and you didn’t notice. So the first thing to look for is signs that the baby is hungry. Offer food and see if the baby will take it. Look for other signs such as drooling and nagging. Take note of the time you feed the baby, but don’t be surprised if the need is increased. It may be something else that makes the baby feel this way.

If your baby is fed and has no apparent reason for crying, you might consider the sleeping factor. Adults believe that sleeping is easy for babies, but it is not. It is true that babies need sleep, but that doesn’t mean that they can sleep whenever they need to. Babies are not used to this world. Bright lights and voices make them nervous and excited. They can’t adjust so easily to the environment and many times they are too excited or too tired to sleep. Since sleep is vital and they need it, they tend to cry when they feel this way. Help your baby sleep. Switch off the television and any bright lights. Make the environment calm and don’t give the baby too much irritating factors.

One thing you should always remember is that babies need to be in your arms. If you have your baby in a bed and are right there, but the baby is still crying, try holding her in your arms. Babies need to feel their parent’s presence, they need to smell them, look at their faces and hear their voices. You should never forget that there is no such thing as spoiling a baby. There are also many parents that believe that if they take the baby in their arms, then it will be unable to relax anywhere else, but this is also a misconception. The baby needs to be held to develop a healthy emotional situation and then be able to feel safe and secure more often and much quicker than if you don’t follow this procedure.

The last thing to take care of is the environment. The baby might be crying because of cold or hot environment or because the environment is too loud. By that we mean that the world is an overwhelming new place. You might think that the baby understands and communicates, but the truth is that it is a little creature that needs help and time to adjust to the new environment. So crying could be a way of telling parents that they are making too much noise or that too many people are here to visit. Act accordingly.

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Ideas and Tips for a Unique & Functional Baby Nursery

You could go about decorating a nursery for your twins just as you would for a single baby, but why not have some fun with it? Twins are unique and special, so why not make their room reflect that? The following suggestions are intended as jumping off points to get you thinking creatively about design ideas for your twin nursery. Use them as inspiration to create something truly special for the double blessing headed your way.

Note that you could actually save a considerable amount of money by coming up with unique design ideas. If you are decorating on a tight budget, some of these suggestions could be just what you need to hear!

Ditch Pink & Blue

Pink and blue color schemes are completely cliché and you would do well to think of more original color patterns for your nursery, especially if you are decorating for boy/girl twins. Consider bright primary colors such as sunny yellow and elegant red with splashes of bright, bold blue.

Nurseries don’t have to feel juvenile or be decorated with Disney or Looney Tunes characters. They can be peaceful, clean and serene. They can feel cozy and elegant. Rooms with this feel and color variations are easier to transition into a room for older children as well.

Two Rooms in One

Consider playing with two different colors, one essentially representing a different child. You can do this by splitting the colors on different sides of the room with a few decorative items that blend the colors together, or you can have two walls painted each color with all decorations blending them into one cohesive room.

Rooms decorated in this manner usually have a very modern feel and can give more individuality to each twin as they grow.

Get Dirty!

True creativity often requires a bit of dirt and grime. Think of ways to put your family’s unique stamp of love on your twin’s nursery. Older siblings can finger paint on plain light switch covers. Parents or other family members can paint and write special messages on canvas to hang on the wall. Pick one area of the room and have each family member put their hand and/or footprints on the wall, adding prints for the twins when they come home.
You could even have a mural painted on one wall and add in your own special touches or handprints!

Don’t Think in Twos

Buying two of everything for a twin nursery is completely unnecessary. You will likely not need two rocking chairs or changing tables and many families get by with one crib for the first few months or so. All of that furniture will clutter up the room and make it less peaceful to enter, and it is simply a waste of money.

You may need some extra storage space for diapers, clothing, and other supplies, but sticking with less furniture will free up the budget and space for more decorative items that add value and comfort to the room.

It is important when decorating for twins to start as early as possible. Twins are usually born earlier than single babies, which cuts down on the time you will have to complete your plans. Plus, the further you get with the pregnancy the more time you will need to rest and you may not be able to move around as comfortably.

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